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Bundle of 3 products in one pack, сomplimenting and enhancing the default SharePoint lookup column function. These three enhancements offer a bundle of features that effectively enhancing your SharePoint lookup functionality. Cross-site Lookup gets an information from another site within site collection, while Cascaded Lookup builds more relationships between parent and child columns. And finally, Parent Selector summarizes information related to an item in a list to display hierarchical data.

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Cascaded Column

Cascaded Lookup Column enhances standard SharePoint lookup functionality. Component allows building relationship between parent and child columns, the data selected in one field will determine the options presented in another.

You can build as many cascading levels as you need by looking up for data from SharePoint lists in all sites within site collection.

If you're using a series of parent-child Cascaded Lookups, each subsequent field will immediately update as you add or remove each selection from the prior one.

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Cross-Site Column

Default SharePoint Lookup supports only lookup within the same site, so if you need to lookup data from another site, you cannot use it. ArtfulBits Cross-Site Lookup allows users to refer to a list from any site in site collection and across site-collections, applying list view filtering to retrieved data.

If list contains large amounts of data, it is not very efficient to search for some data using standard SharePoint lookup. ArtfulBits Cross-Site Lookup with Picker Dialog helps to resolve this issue. You can search/filter data in picker dialog, which helps to find the required item quickly.

Parent Selector Column

If you have hierarchical data in a list and you need to lookup data in own list (containing list), using ArtfulBits Parent Selector column is the best choice.

Parent Selector Column is intended to lookup to self (containing list) in order to display hierarchical data. Main difference with standard SharePoint Lookup is absence of own item (standard SharePoint Lookup contains own item).

You can choose multiple columns from the list for looking up information. It is also possible to allow multiple values to be chosen from these columns for your new item.

You can easily convert existing standard Lookup column to "ArtfulBits Parent Selector" column and use data filtering, picker dialog, and other features for your list.

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Lookup Columns Bundle significantly enhancing its functionalities in different scenarios versus Standard lookup functionality which provides minimum options for the user. By using our 3 components pack user can extend lookup functionality to its full potential. Cross-Site Lookup Column gets information from any site within site collection, applying list view filtering to retrieved data. Cascaded Lookup Column allows building relationship between parent and child columns, while Parent Selector Column is intended to lookup to self (containing list) in order to display hierarchical data.

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Cascaded Lookup Column
Cross-Site Lookup Column
Parent Selector Column
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Before installation, please, check that your target server meets System Requirements.

IMPORTANT!!! ArtfulBits License Manager must be installed before you install the component. If it is already installed, you can proceed with the installation of your product. If ArtfulBits License Manager is not installed, you can do it by one of the following methods:

  • Open ArtfulBits License Manager page, download its installer on your server, run it and install

  • Download Full Package of the product, find License Manager in ArtfulBits License Manager folder and run its installer

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